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Contract Termination


I'm living in a house where my friend has taken o2 contract.
He does not stay in the house anymore.

I was paying 35 euros a month for the contarct on my friends name.

Last month when i visited you, they denied to take any payment.
So i decided to end the contract.

The contract was taken 2 years ago.

Can you help with the process for the cancellation of the contract.

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Hi o2 support team ,

I would like to close DSL contract which is on my friends name.
Since he moved out of the house and i had taken the house he left , i would like to cancel it as early as possible.

Can you please help me with the process of cancellation.

In case there is any form that needs to be filled up , please post the link to it.

Hello Srikanthreddy,

please find all information on contract cancellation here. Please also note that your friend has to cancel the contract himself, as it is in his name. If you have any further questions, please let us know.

Kind regards


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