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cancel mobil contract

Hello!! Where can I find the 4 digits code on the website for cancel my contract. I don´t have the papers of the contract cause the owner of the flat put this on the trash. Is there is a way to find this code????


Lösung von o2_Manga 5 February 2020, 22:17

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You can’t find it online. You can contact the customer support and ask them to send it to you, or you walk into an o2-shop with your identity card.

Hi @maniamadrid,


welcome to our community. Are we talking about DSL or mobile contract? I just ask because of finding a cancellation request on your mobile contract.So obviously it worked. But there is no DSL according to your contract details. So did you take over a DSL contract on your behalf? If not, you can’t cancel a contract which is not yours.

Waiting for further details.


I only make the mobil contract, but I don’t have the contract. So, I was asking if there is another way to find it. 

Okay, fine @maniamadrid


I resend the four digit code by post. You will receive it within the next days.



I don’t live anymore in Germany. Can you send to a friend of mine in Germany???

Unfortunately not @maniamadrid

Because of data security it is forbidden. It is like telling someone the PIN of your debit card. Can I assist you in any other way?




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