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  • 12 February 2024
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I changed the log in email then I tried to login with it multiple times then my account get locked. I am internet customer and do not have O2 sim card.


Could you please help to unlock my account.


Thank you in advance 

3 Antworten

Hello @KarimRgb ,

welcome to the o2 Community 💙.

If you initially used an emailaddress as your username when you registered your contract to mein o2, then this isn’t changed when you enter a different address as your contact. So for the login you’d have to continue to use the previous emailaddress and password that you set upon registration.


Kind regards, Sven

Thank you Sven, I changed the log in email adress not the home adress

Hello @KarimRgb, are you trying to log in directly through meino2 via the browser or through the meino2 app?

Is the error message you're receiving as follows:

Aufgrund von zu vielen Loginversuche wurde das Konto gesperrt?

Kind regards


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