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Slow internet connection



My client number is: DE128XXXXX. I'm having a problems since the beginning with my internet connection. It's slow. Slower than it's supposed to be. According to speed tests it's 6Mb/s and should be 16Mb/s... Is it going to be changed finally? Before picking my packet I've checked if it's possible to have 16Mb/s in my location and it was available. Hope you gonna fix it.


edit nemesis03: deleted part of the client number, this is a public forum

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Hello Robaczek,


and welcome to the o2 customer forum!


The o2 DSL All-in M has a connection speed of "up to 16.000kbit/s". The possible connection speed depends on the length of the wire from your dsl modem to the dsl port in the switching center. In the specification of services o2 guarantees you a minimum connection speed of 5.000kbit/s.


Maybe on of the moderators can optimize your dsl port tomorrow. Sometimes they can improve the connection speed.




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Hi Robaczek,


i'm sorry but it's not possible to increase the connection speed, i just checked your line but the values are not good enough to increase the profile.




I am sorry for writting in English because my German is not good. I also have the same problem with slow internet speed. I have used speed test to measure my DSL speed and the result is always lower than 1Mb/s, while my contract is 50Mb/s. Could you help me please?

Here is my information:
Auftragsnummer: 3012370010
Kundennummer: DE14065781

Thank you very much in advance.

Hai Dang

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Why do u use several accounts for posting the same issue?



I am sorry if this make you feel trouble. Actually, I am not sure if I post in a right forum or not. So that I post in another forum. Because O2 did not allow me re-use my account, I have to log in with a different account.