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Can someone explain why I get new items in my bill without any notification?


My payment increased from 23,73 to 45,57.

I already chnaged billing to Itemsed but it will be great if someone can check and explain the reason of this increase.

Best Regards


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Lösung von o2_Andrea 19 August 2023, 11:52

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Dear @rcelik,

welcome to our community. 🌞

Connections and services are, for example, charges that are incurred and not included in your contract, such as calls from Germany to other countries.

EU roaming only includes usage in other EU countries when you make calls from there to Germany or a call another number in that country.
This may also include calls to toll numbers, such as premium votings and something like that.
You will find an exact specification on your itemized bill (EVN), if you have ordered one.

Kind regards,


Dear Andrea,


I have set below in my account details. I guess this is what you refer when you suggest EVN.

Two numbers belong to my kids and we live in Germany. We haven't travelled to any other countery in last 4 months. 

I feel there are new services added to my contract without my knowledge (two numbers shows the same item iin Invoice with different amount, Verbindungen & Services).

I hope I will see the details in coming month sine EVN just activated last week.


Best Regards

Ramazan Celik



Hey @rcelik,

I'm very sorry that the extra cost to you can't be explained. Unfortunately, we can't see anything without an EVN either. Please contact us again with your next bill :)




It is funny because after EVN approved, monthly bill returned back to regular trend ~23 euro.

So we will never know why I paid 22 euro extra last month.



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Dear @rcelik79 ,

thank you for your resonse. Keep an eye on your itemized bill , maybe there will be further entries that you can possibly link retroactively to the period of the increased bills or that will help you to clarify this.

Kind regards,




So I need to wait another bill with more charges to understand the reason of prevoius over charge.

Best Regards

Herr Celik


Hey @rcelik79,

In the course of data security, such entries are of course also restricted for us employees. I ask for your understanding. If there are any unclear items again, feel free to contact me here again!


@rcelik @rcelik79 How did you get your EVN?

Zur Info:


Hello @JJong 🙂
I have answered you about this in your own post 💡
Greetings, Kathi

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