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Staff in O2 store typed in wrong address in contract and the order was returned by DHL.

  • 17 February 2024
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    Hi, I ordered an IPHONE 15 PRO MAX 512GB, TITANIUM NATURAL including M tariff from the O2 store (Prager Str. 15, 01069 Dresden) on 31st January 2024. Unfortunately, the staff at the O2 store accidentally typed in a wrong address in the contract eventhough I gave my Anmeldung to him. So, DHL returned the mobilephone. I went back and talked with the store and the staff apologized for the typing mistake, so it’s cool and all. I also chose to continue the M tariff plan which is still active.

    I haven’t charged for the phone yet. I just want to make sure that the phone is returned to O2 and I will not be charged for the phone in the coming months as I am planning to buy another phone from the O2 website. Thanks in advance😄

1 Antwort

Hello @Jishnu,

Welcome to our o2 community 🙂

If DHL returned your order because of the wrong address which the colleague in our shop entered into the system for your order, then the instalment plan will be cancelled after the phone is back with us.




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