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Prepaid top up via app overcharged me

Good afternoon! I was referred here by an O2 rep on Whatsapp. I had an issue with my prepaid account over the weekend, when I called the English language hotline to address it, they said that they couldn’t deal with prepaid account issues. 

The problem I’ve had is as follows:

I have a prepaid account. On the weekend, I tried to top up my account balance via the O2 mobile app with 15euro to renew my prepaid plan. The total paid would be 15.49euro (due to the service charge). I continued through to paypal to pay this, agreed to 15.49euro, but it took 30.98euro from my bank account. When I looked on the app, I also discovered that not only did it charge me twice the money, but it also renewed my prepaid plan twice (both for the same month!). 

I’d really appreciate your help in resolving this.

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Contact the prepaid chat, first log in to the customer portal with your phone number.

o2 Prepaid-Chat

Thank you!

Hello @StudioSquidink ,

welcome to the o2 Community 💙.

Were you able to resolve this through the chat already as suggested by Bumer or do you need some further help here?


Kind regards, Sven

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