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Contract ends

My contract ends on 22.6. Not sure what happens then.

I haven't decided yet on a new contract. Can I top my account temporarily without having a new contract?

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Hello @Frano33,

Welcome to the o2 Community.😊

What kind of contract do you have? Have you already canceled or is the minimum term just expiring? 

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I have already canceled my contract.


Can I take a prepaid card with my existing phone number?

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Hello @Frano33  

Yes, you can port the number from o2 Postpaid to o2

​​Prepaid with this form when the o2 Prepaid Card is active. 




or without this formular to another provider. 

Hello @Frano33 🙂
Did the link from Bollermann help you? Please let us know if we can help you further 🤗
Best regards, Kathi

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