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Contract Cancellation and number porting

Dear  O2 Team,

My o2 contract for XXXXXXXXX is ending on 31st October 2019. I have written a letter to o2 4 months ago. Could you please let me know how o2 sends me confirmation about this?

I want to switch the postpaid contract to prepaid and port it other telecom network.

Could you please help me initiating the process ?



Reddy Pallavi


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Take a look on the last page of your billings. Under the header “Gut zu wissen” you will see some details of your contract like Vertragsbeginn, Vertragsende, Kündigungsfrist etc. Do you see a column named “Kündigungseingang am”?

It is not possible to switch a postpaid contract to prepaid. 



Thank you. I could see the “Fristgerechter Kündigungstermin”.  

Once the contract is done. Is it assumed that I do not have any plans?  I would be charged for everything?

I understand about the post paid and prepaid. But I assume it is possible to port postpaid as well. I would like to do that so that I can move to the new plan. And o2 charges 30 euros for porting, how do i proceed next ? 

From the billing information, my contract ends on 11.11.2019.


Thank you in advance




If you cancel your contract, it will be terminated at the end of the contract (as shown in your billing) and the SIM card will be deactivated. Until this date, you can use your contract as normal and the contract will be charged as agreed. You can take your mobile phone number to another provider immediately (after porting you will get another phone number for your o2 sim card), at the end of the contract, or within 90 days of the end of the contract. Porting of the mobile number costs 29,95 Euro,



I have followed what ever was mentioned in the above instructions. I have ordered a new sim to port my current O2 number. But my porting is denied. The status which was present to me was:

“The specified phone number 015xxxxxxx90 or the specified provider O2 Germany is not correct.”

I do not understand why am I facing this as both are correct information.

Can you help me understand if I am missing something ?


edit Thomas3 : public forum, phone number anonymised for data protection

Could you please post the original email with the rejection without the personal details?



thanks for the information.


@TBCMagichas already helped you a lot.


In order to check what went wrong, I have written a private message at @o2_Support.


We will then have a look.


Thanks a lot.


Loving greetings,


Benutzerebene 7

Hey @Reddy_Pallavi

until now we still haven’t any answer to the private message Tobias send you. Could you check your inbox?

Kind regards, Tatjana

Benutzerebene 7

Hey @Reddy_Pallavi

if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here in our English community.

Kind regards, Tatjana

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