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Can I change my plan?

Hello, I purchased a SIM card a day ago with O2 and a two-year subscription to an unlimited internet plan with a speed of 15M/s, but I saw that it is not good for me. Is it possible to change to a speed of 500M/s with the same offer that was presented to me in the beginning, as the offer was the subscription? At a speed of 15M/s at a price of 20 euros, or a subscription at a speed of 500M/s at a price of 50 euros

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please write in English or German.

Where exactly was the contract concluded?

Where exactly was the contract concluded?

In Manheim City

then you can only hope for a goodwill arrangement in the shop there.

Good morning @mohsenqaoud 
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It's a shame that you signed a contract and have now realized that it doesn't suit your needs.
As Bumer has already mentioned, you can of course go back to the store where you signed the contract and see if there is an option for you. This is because you do not have a withdrawal period for contracts concluded in the store, but you do for contracts concluded online or by telephone.
Best regards, Kathi

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