Router price after contract cancellation

  • 7 Februar 2019
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I canceled my DSL contract recently and I was requested to send back my router, but I would like to keep it 😉
is there a way to know how much i will be charged in that case ?

BTW, is there a way to avoid german automated questions on help line ?

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Hello noahpl,

I am sorry but we can't recommend to keep the router after cancellation as it remains property of o2. You can easily print out a return form here. The shipment is with DHL and free of charge. If you don't return it, you will be automatically charged the residual value which is varying according to the type and age of the router.

Unfortunately, our IVR-system is in German only. You can skip most of the questions by not answering and will be connected to our support anyway.

Kind regards,


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