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O2 DSL Relocation to Munich

  • 23 August 2019
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I currently have a DSL contract in Berlin, and would be relocating to Munich due to unplanned circumstance in October 2019.
I am interested now in transferring or taking my DSL contract to Munich , I was suggested to login to my account and then request for the transfer.
Unfortunately when I click onto relevant tab in my O2 page , I am redirected to the home page.
https://hilfe.o2online.de/ and am not able to place a transfer request.

So could you please let know how can I request for the transfer of the connection.

thanks and best regards!!!
Satish Kumar

Lösung von o2_Lars 24 August 2019, 16:30

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Hello @Sagicob,
as far as I can see your question was already answered in your other thread here, so I will close this one. It is not necessary to post several times :-)