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O2 DSL Relocation to Munich

Hallo ,
Ich habe derzeit einen O2 DSL-Anschluss in Berlin, mit einem Vertrag von 2 Jahren würde ich jetzt nach München umziehen und möchte wissen, wie ich den aktuellen DSL-Anschluss nach München übertragen kann,

Danke und viele Grüße!!!
Satish Kumar

Lösung von o2_Michi 18 August 2019, 11:54

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@Sagicob you can made this online. Please make this minimum 4 weeks before you move to Munich.

Hi @Sagicob ,

does it help you or do you need assistance? ☺️

Best regards,
Hi Michi,
unfortunately no, I dont find the relevant information when I log in and get the below message as shown in the snapshot.
While login in we also have the option to login via the telephone number.
Currently I have the Dsl connection So could you please let know how can I know my telephone number associated with it.
I don't remember if I had received any mail where my telephone number was mentioned.

could you please provide your suggestion??
Hi @Sagicob,

your landline number was mentioned in your Welcome Letter sent on February 14th 2019. Also the personal identification code to finish the registration.

Here are some useful information to start the registration online:

  1. be at home because DSL contracts can be registered just there.
  2. Go " login/jetzt registrieren and enter your PKK (personal identification code); click "Registrierung"
  3. Choose a username (not your landline number, not an emailadress) and a password
Please make sure that your username does not contain more than 5 digits and a full stop as a special character.

It is important that your browser accepts cookies. Otherwise you are unable to login and end up on the landing page for registration.

If you are in need of your PKK or anything else please let us know.

Thanks!!! I was able to find the telephone number and also login to "Mein O2" account.
I then raised a transfer request as you had suggested earlier , but the request is not completed as I get the below error message.
I did try a number of times , but i get the same error message.
So could you please check and let know how should i proceed further.

Hi @Sagicob,

okay, I checked this address and got a postive result.

I'll send you a private message because I need more information about the default check.

KR Manga

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