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Please help me delete my community account so i can link my email to my acctual account

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i had some trouble setting up my homespot and accidentally created a community account with my email, this now means i cannot log in with my email or connect it to my o2 account with my contract/bill.




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Hello @LIAM02,

welcome to our o2 Community 😀

We will be happy to help you delete your community account. Please note that this may take one or two working days.

You can then use your email address to log in with your contract. Until then, you can log in with your phone number as well to access your contract data.

Best regards


That’s great!


thank you

Hello @LIAM02,

your account will now be deleted in a few minutes.

You can register with us again at any time, we would of course be very happy about it 😀

Best regards


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