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Hello everyone.

I have a problem concerning the activation of a SIM card. In the last days of February, we (me and my girlfriend) bought two prepaid SIM cards in the Kaufland of Gottingen. We tried to do the Video PostIdent and didn't work, so we did the traditional PostIdent. We went together, and the kind sir made us the same paper, one after the other. Both of them were sent that day.

However, just one SIM card was activated. We waited, and thought that within a couple of days the other SIM should be enabled. It never happened.

Today, we went to two of the O2 stores in Heidelberg, and none of them could help us. In one store the person tells us that we have to activate it by going to Gottingen or calling to the hotline. We cannot go to that city again and also not know how to speak German (everywhere says that there are no people that talk in English in the customer service, except for in this forum). 

In the other store, the attendant told us that he could not activate the SIM because it was registered. He gave us the option to buy a new SIM and activate it right away.

So, we want to know if someone here could help us with this problem. We don't want to buy a new SIM but to activate this, after all the proceedings we did to enable it.

I hope we could find some answers here. Have a good night.


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You have purchased an original o2 prepaid card or a Telefonica brand? Like K-Classic Mobile, Fonic, etc.
Your friend should have received a confirmation e-mail. You have received an e-mail too and your registration has been rejected? The employee of the post office had shown your form for signature: Did you check in your form whether all information was correct?
The information in the shop that you have received is correct: Pre-registered SIM cards can not be registered again in the shop or the registration can be completed there.
Try to create the post ident form again. Visit and try to enter your datas again. English is available.

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