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Number portability

In December my 24 month contract finally ended, my number was deactivated and I tried to convert it to a O2 prepaid. Your shop in Tauentzienstraße Berlin told me it was not possible, because contract numbers cannot be converted to prepaid, and O2 prefers to loose a client rather than activating a prepaid (nice), the personnel told me that legally the number was in my name and I could go to the shop in front of them (Vodafone), buy a prepaid sim and request the portability.

I got a mail from Vodafone stating that you don't release my number: what’s the matter??

Please release my number!!!!! Why do you make it everything so complicated? :(


Lösung von bs0 5 January 2020, 13:52

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Could you please insert the email here? (Remove names, email addresses and other personal information)
Is your o2 Sim card already deactivated or does it still log into the network?
What announcement do you get when you call the mobile number from another connection? Does the mailbox answer, you get the announcement “Bitte rufen sie später noch einmal an ("Please call again later") or  “Die von ihnen gewählte Nummer ist nicht vergeben” /"The number you have dialed is not assigned")?

My sim was deactivated on Dec 12th.I requested the portability on December 21st, but before doing that I paid a visit to the Tauentzienstraße O2 shop and they told me my number was free to be ported to another provider, as O2 refuses to reactivate a number on a prepaid (really annoying). It is not so. How can I force O2 to release my number? Should I file a claim to the Authority Bundesnetzagentur?


It is a nightmare 

O2 can you please release my number for portability? Thank you

If your o2 sim card is already deactivated, there is nothing to release. Your phone number will be automatically released after termination of your contract and deactivation of your SIM card.

If you need help, you should answer the questions.

And yes: We know the website of the Bundesnetzagentur. 

I answered your questions, I don't understand what else should I answer. I got a paper mail from Vodafone stating that O2 does not allow the portability. I paid 25 euros for the new sim and requested the portability last month. It does not work. What else should I do? 

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If your SIM is deactivated then the number is free to port for 90 days. Copy the text of the mail you received here without personal information as Vodafone will have given you the reason why it didn’t work. “o2 does not allow the portability” is unlikely so it would be good to see exactly what they wrote. There are other reasons this can fail, for example if there is even the slightest difference in the customer data.

It is written that my previous provider refuses the portability for Ablehnung Kunden/Name Falsch

The paper mail from Vodafone states my correct name and address, with the right spelling. My previous contract with O2, terminated in December, was registered in my same name and address, same spelling. 

Please let me know what to do. 


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The number porting is an automatic procedure between the providers so obviously there is a discrepancy somewhere in the system between the details that Vodafone sent in its request and the details on file with o2. You need to find out why this is. The problem can lie equally with Vodafne as it can with o2.

First ask Vodafone to confirm the first and last names and the date of birth they sent in the port request and then check with o2 whether this is exactly the same in their system. If that is the case there is no reason why the port should fail.

Maybe your name and surename are reversed by one of the providers?

How can I check with O2 if they reversed my name and surmane? 

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Do you still have access to your online account? You should be able to check there.

Hi @AlexiePort ,


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If your contract is already terminated, there is no need to release the phone number.

Did you maybe port your number to Vodafone before the 13th of december where the contract was still active? If yes, you only have to talk to Vodafone to trigger the mobile number portability again.

Alternatively it’s what @bs0 mentioned above…



First ask Vodafone to confirm the first and last names and the date of birth they sent in the port request and then check with o2 whether this is exactly the same in their system. If that is the case there is no reason why the port should fail.


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