cannot access my bills


Looks like there is some errors in the website because I cannot access my overview page or bills page. Whenever I click this pages,it directs me to the service community page.

Please resolve this matter.





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Are you using your phone number for login? Try it with your phone number.

Hi @Ravindra_Nayak,


welcome to our community. Do you have a DSL contract?

Did you use the community login for checking contract details? This doesn’t work. You have to sign in with your DSL contract details.

Go here when you are at home at your DSL connection. Enter your personal identification code (PKK) at Login/ "Jetzt registrieren" and click "Register now"  Then set your username and password of your choice which you can use to log in from now on.

Attention with the username: Don’t take your landline number or the emailadresse. Take something between 5 to 30 characters and maximum 5 digits.

Attention with the password: The password might include the following special characters: !#$*+-.?_ The lenght between 8 und 30 characters, you need at least four different characters.

Please make sure your browser accepts cookies. Otherwise you can’t login and get back to the point you once started.





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