Fehler bei der Registrierung eines Kontos

I signed up for the internet via CHECK24. After logging in, I received an e-mail from O2 to activate my account. Something went wrong and now I can not log in anymore.

When I try to sign in, my email is not recognized, but when I tried to create an account for this forum, that's already in the system.

please help

Lösung von sabjorn 4 Oktober 2019, 09:48

the problem is solved
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which router do you have? only thing you have to do is to put your DSL zugangsdaten into your Fritzbox or Homebox (Aktivierungspin).
Sorry, but no router is involved yet. I registered yesterday for DSL and here the registration process failed.

After signing up for DSL, I received an email to access my online account. But this process has failed. Here is my problem.
the problem is solved

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