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Inquiry Regarding Higher Billing Amounts for Mobile Plans


I have two mobile SIM card contracts (numbers: +XXXXXX and +XXXXXX), each with a plan costing around 19.99 or 20 euros. However, for the last three months, I have been receiving bills of over 40, 72, and 39 euros for each SIM card, respectively. Could you please clarify why the billed amounts are higher than expected? Thank you.


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Lösung von Bumer 8 April 2024, 10:49

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You can find the explanation on pages 2 and 3 of the invoice.
Remove your phone numbers.

Hello @karthick0218 ,

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Having a varying sum across several bills could have plenty of different reasions. As Bumer already wrote, you can always check your bills for a more clear picture of what you were billed for. Did you maybe spend some time out of country or called a foreign number. That could lead to a sudden increase of the bill for a single month.


Kind regards, Sven


I am Anju.I have a complaint regarding my phone bill this month (June 2024). I am an O2 customer. I bought a mobile phone with an O2 SIM as a tariff basis on November 6th, 2023. According to the contract monthly payment is €42.99 . But €80.88 was debited from my bank account today.i want to know why it is happened.my Auftragsnummer is EPOSC03003715905419.

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There are many possible reasons. Have a look at page 2 of your invoice for the answer.

Hello @Anju Chettayil Padmanabhan,

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Such an unexpected amount is not great, that is understandable. Following bs0's advice, have you already taken a closer look at your bill and been able to see what it was? 

Kind regards, Lea

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