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contract renewal no internet now

  • 27 September 2022
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I've recently extended my contract landline, home internet and 3 mobile phone plans.

After receiving an email saying my internet and landline connection have been successfully activated I no longer have internet at home even with an Ethernet cable. Is there anything i need to do?


I have also restarted the router and it didnt fix the issue.



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3 Antworten

Hello @Kita313 ,

welcome to the o2 Community 💙.

When you extended your DSL contract, did you also change anything about which contract you are using? Because in that case the username and password needed to access your connection might have changed. You should have gotten these with the documents that you received concerning the contract change. I’m sure we’ll be able to get you back online.


Kind regards, Sven

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@Kita313 What router you use? I think you renew the landline contract to a higher speed? Can been happen that you get a new dsl username and password. 

Hello @Kita313 , 

do you need further help or do you have a update for us?

We are happy to read from you soon. 😊


Best regards, 


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