VDSL speed is way too slow (around 5 Mbps instead of 50 Mbps)



I’ve been a subscriber of the tariff “O2 my Home M” for nearly 3 months. The connection is not stable at all and the maximum speed I can get is around 5 Mb/s, which is terrible. I think it has to do with DSL line parameters and quite likely a way too bad SNR margin value is the point in question. The router’s interface doesn’t give me the parameters and I don’t have any devices to test it.


Ironically, the technician that visited my home to see if everything was OK, thus to inform O2 to activate my subscription tested negative for any issues, and gave approval. Of course I relied on him (he’s a technician at the end of the day) and did nothing but to wait for my router’s arrival to enjoy my new internet connection. To my surprise, it didn’t go well anytime! Not just has my download speed been terrible to date, but also upload has been around 0,70 Mb/s, which is supposed to be around 10 Mb/s.


I contacted O2 Kunden-Hotline a couple of times, they promised me to resolve this issue, but unfortunately they didn’t do anything better than giving promises. They even claimed it’d been due to the router and sent me new one, but no, it’s not made any change.


P.S.: I’ve tried testing my speed via CAT6 cable and everything is the same.

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@Mileva Einstein What kind of router you use? 

@Mileva Einstein What kind of router you use? 

It’s O2 HomeBox 6741, but even though they’ve changed it with the new one –exactly the same model– it didn’t improve anything. I’ve tested via cable connected directly from the router to my PC.


BTW, when it comes to the router, its WiFi connection is one of the worst I’ve ever seen. It’s enough to step into the next room, and boom, WiFi signals turn into smoke signals by which people used to communicate back in ancient times.

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@Mileva Einstein I don’t like the o2 Homebox too. You write it. WiFi problems and a black hole if the enduser want to know line parameters.

Can you look in your mein o2 customer Account and look your DSL User name? End with (ADSL) or (VDSL)?


@Joe Doe,

It’s shame that they don’t reveal any line parameters. I’ve got some knowledge about the Internet stuff around the world and don’t really get the idea behind why O2 conceals such a critical information. It unavoidably makes me think that the poor connection, which they’ve not fixed yet, is a standard.


I checked my DSL username out. Should I give it away?

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@Mileva Einstein Again.


End with → you are connect to a ADSL Port max 16Mbit

 End with → you are connect to a VDSL Port max 100Mbit 

Dont post your o2 DSL username. Only tell the ending.

@Joe Doe

Oh, sorry. I couldn't quite get the point.

It ends with "".

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@Mileva Einstein OK. Too slow if you are connected over LAN. (WiFi is in my opinion not good at an o2 Homebox) 

Please raise a technical ticket. Have you a fluent German speaken friend? Can he help you to raise a ticket. I don’t know if you get a English speaking operator. Try it.


@Joe Doe 

Thanks for your help. It’s kind of you.


I’m a native German speaker. I prefer writing in English because Telefonica is a multinational company, and I advocate that multinational companies deserve international attention.


I’ve created a ticket from O2 Kunden-Hotline (again), we’ll see if they’ll do their duty this time.

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Hello @Mileva Einstein and welcome to our o2 community :-)

It is nice to find a native german speaker who is fluent in english and decides to communicate in this language. Since this is in no means a support forum you will in most cases write with outher customers. Since they not all speak english on the same level as you this may result in resctricting yourself in the numbers of answers you may recieve.

Please also keep in mind that this community is targeted at customers of the german subsidiary of Telefónica, so most the communication takes place in german.

I hope your issues with the DSL connection could be fixed by now, if there are still any open questions or there is something left where we might shed some light on, feel free to ask, we will answer as soon as possible. :-)



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Just to be sure you are not confusing units: 5 MB/s equals 40 MBit/s.

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