Trying to Upgrade my DSL Contract

Hi I have a O2 my home DSL contract valid until next September.

I checked with customer care about different tariff options, as I was facing internet speed issues recently.

They told me about “O 2 Free Unlimited Max partner card” - also told me that I can get it for monthly EUR 24.99, as I am already an o2 customer. But instead of upgrading they have added additional product it seems. can you please recheck? I don’t need an additional contract; I am looking for an option to upgrade my current contract. Let me know if this can be changed?

If needed I can provide the new order number (infact I have not confirmed the order, it was done without my consent at first place)


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Hi can anyone check the above issue, and help me please?

Hello @user_l,


welcome to our o2 community!


I have noticed that you have cancelled the new (mobile) contract already. I suppose this was a missunderstanding.


Your current DSL tarif offers a monthly data volume of 100 gigabytes. If the 100 GB are exceeded, your speed is reduced to 2 Mbit/s until the end of the month. At your adress the line offers ADSL only with a maximum speed of 16 Mbit/s. VDSL is not available there.


You can of course upgrade to a tarif with unlimited data volume, i.e. o2 My Home M with a monthly price of 29,99 EUR. Please note that the tarif change would consequently extend your contract by two years. The tarif change takes around three weeks.


Please see our product information sheets for further details and let us know if you want us to change your tarif.


Kind regards,



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