trouble with 6741 o2 router

I need help please, o2 delivered to me 6741 Router and I have been in trouble connecting it. The problem is that everything lights up as required except the telephone. I have gone up to the last stage and my computer indicated conneceted but I have no access. How do I solve this?


Plus, in the process of connecting, I have not seen anywhere I was required to insert the Vol PIN , Username or password that came with the contract. At somepoint I only had to create my own password. I am imagining that probably I should have used this pin and password somewhere and that is where the problem is. 

How has had this experinece? Who can help? It has been 24 hours of struggle.

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@Denish For some new installation, the Voip PIN no longer need too be entered.. What did you seen in the first screen from the homebox? -> 


An one thing. I think a Fritzbox 7490, 7530 or 7590 is better for you. The Box have an international System menu.

Thank you. It is yet to work. How do I overcome this

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thanks for contacting our English DSL Community in this matter. 


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