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Supported Devices for Cable Internet with O2

Hello, I've recently bought the My Home XL packet from O2, which on my location is only available through Cable internet.

I want to buy my own router, and my problem is that I cannot properly setup my internet with O2 Kable internet with my own devices.

For that, what specifications does it need to meet?
From my understanding it needs to be a  DOCSIS 3.0 modem and that 's the only requirement, but I was hoping to get some extra help here.

Here is my setup. Will this work with the Cable O2 XL Home tariff?

Modem:  https://manualzz.com/doc/37196907/datasheet-cisco-epc3928-eurodocsis3.0

Router:  https://www.amazon.de/-/en/TP-Link-Archer-AX73-HomeShield-Streaming /dp/B08P94H63W

Also, is it possible that this modem would cap the max internet speed, not taking advantage of the powerful router? 

Thank you and regards,


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You can find the Telefónica interface description here:


The Telefónica interface description requires DOCSIS 3.1. 

The AVM Fritzbox 6591 cable and AVM Fritzbox 6660 cable are recommended.

Please do not obtain devices from other providers - these will not be activated by the network operator. Even in the case of second-hand devices that were originally purchased from a retailer, it is possible that they are still registered with the network operator for another customer and will therefore not be activated by the network operator. 

If your own device is to be purchased, please buy an officially intended device for the free market in Germany from a retailer in Germany. 

Please note that o2 Kabel/DOCSIS connections only include a public IPv6 address, but no public IPv4 address. Devices or services that do not support this will also not work.


The devices that I’ve included are not from other providers, they’re independent. As so, would they work?
I find weird that only two devices are allowed. 

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The device you mentioned clearly does not meet the Telefónica interface description. 

The devices I have mentioned are recommendations, as these devices are known to comply with the Telefónica interface description, are available in German retail outlets, are provided with long-term updates by the manufacturer and have a 5-year manufacturer's warranty. 
Of course, you can ignore the recommendations and check the devices yourself for the properties mentioned. 
o2 itself only tests the rental devices offered by o2, but no other devices. 


Thank you for your help!

I didn’t ask for any router in the beggining so I would like to know how can I make a request to rent a router from o2. Do you know? Also what would be the available cable routers for renting and how much would this cost?


Thank you again!

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You can contact o2 customer service and order a rental router . For cable connections, only the AVM Fritzbox 6660 cable is offered by o2 as a rental device. Please check carefully whether this device meets your requirements. 
You can find the prices in the price list

Hello @alramalho ,

if you’d like to rent a cablerouter from us, we can enter this order for you. For cable connections we currently only offer the AVM Fritz!Box 6660.

This would come with a monthly fee of 4,99€ for the router and one time costs of 59,98€. If you’d like us to place an order for this, just let us know.


Kind regards, Sven

Hi Community!


I couldn’t check my Router also if it is compatible or not with Cable internet. 
I have a Fritzbox 6430. My activation date is in July and i sent my Mac address to O2 but still I can not reach start page of o2 through my router connection. 

would be great if you advise.



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@CJMJ What ist the AVM part number from your Fritzbox 6430? Should start with 200….

@Joe Doe if you mean Artikel Nummer then yeah it starts with 200… does it mean that will works?

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@Joe Doe if you mean Artikel Nummer then yeah it starts with 200… does it mean that will works?

@CJMJ only Fritzbox 6430 with Artikel Nummer 20002779 can been activate at providers who are working with docsis 3.0. Official o2 wants docsis 3.1 cable routers.

@Joe Doe 



Sorry as I’m a rookie but seems I have to provide another router!

was searching for possibility of updating firmware and I think wouldn’t be possible, right?

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@CJMJ This will not work. Buy a free Fritzbox 6591, 6660 or 6690. Becarefull that you don’t buy a provider version from this cable routers. If you buy such a version, you can’t get the box activate at o2.

Appreciated @Joe Doe 

Hello @CJMJ ,

welcome to the o2 Community 💙.

I think Joe Doe answered your question perfectly already, but if there is still a topic left open, then let us know.

And as always thank you for sharing your knowledge Joe Doe 😎.


Kind regards, Sven

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