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Hi English community:

Last week I ordered a DSL connection for my new apartment, whose previous tenant was also a O2 customer. The thing is that inside the no-reply emails I got, a link to the order status was provided. However, I got the following message “Unfortunately, login is currently not possible”.

I cannot even login into Mein 02 with the user/mail I provided nor even recover the password. The website says that user/email are not recognized ????.

Is there any problem regarding the accounts system? I cannot see my order status and need to access since I’m having a problem with number portability.

Additionally, is it possible to be attended in English directly by phone? If so, what is the number/dial option?

Thank you very much!



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Hi @jjruipav 


welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

I think you signed up for a new contract and asked for the landline number of your previous tennant who was with o2 ? That doesn’t work and the order will be cancelled.

There are different ways to get DSL in your appartment:

  • you can change the contract owner and get the connection without any interruptions. Therefore the old contract owner goes online to and fills in the form for “Anschlußinhaberwechsel”. Afterwards you get a link to the form you have to fill in and send it back.
  • you sign for a new contract which a new landline number ( it takes up to four weeks notice to get the connection started). If the line in your appartment is still occupied we ask for a technical cancellation if your former tennant doesn’t apply for a move.

So if the link in your email doesn’t work any longer an error has occured. Please get in touch with our customer service. English support is available Mon-Fri 11 am to 3 pm.



Hello, I order something and I want to change my order andres how can I do that ?

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Hello @Antonios, welcome to our o2 community :-)

If you order something either online or with our customer service you have the possibility to enter a delivery address. Depending on what you order it still may be necessary to sign for the delivery, it may also be possible that a delivery to another address may not be possible for the desired product.

If you already ordered and wish to change the address afterwards I recommend to get in touch with our customer servivce via phone as soon as possible. Since we can not promise that you will reach an english speaking agent I recommend to call with a friend of yours who speaks german.



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