O2 BOX 6431 Router reset

  • 23 Mai 2017
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I reset the O2 6431 router while troubleshooting a DSL issue and now it doesn't connect at all. The Info light is red while all the other lights are green. The telefon and Internet lights don't go up at all. So I don't have both telephone and internet.

The router software( doesn't respond to any links except for the "StartSeite" link. The Kennwort, ZugangsPIN and other links don't respond at all. Has anyone reset the O2 6431 router and know how to get it back to work?

1 Antwort

The router connects to and accepts the ZugangsPIN but doesn't accept the Zugangsdaten. The info light is red. Will a reset router not accept the Zugangsdaten? The Zugangsdaten from my contract is not working. I used the same username and password as what I use to log in to "Mein O2". Is there any other Zugangsdaten that I need to use?

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