O2 blocking my DSL cancellation & requests to transfer to a new provider

The short summary of a long story:

  • I have been an o2 DSL customer since 2015.
  • I was moving apartment, so in mid-March, I requested that o2 move my internet to my new place. 
  • The date given for line activation was May 3.
  • I found this wait too long and wanted to try another provider, so I sent a letter to cancel the contract in April.
  • I received no reply from o2 to the cancellation letter. Furthermore, a Telekom engineer arrived to activate my line on May 3 anyway. Therefore, I assumed my cancellation request was not processed. 
  • From the activation date (May 3), the internet connection never worked. I did not have access to internet.
  • When I called the hotline, they told me it didn't work because I cancelled my contract. Even though the final date was May 31, I was told that the internet would not work even though I had over 3 weeks left on the contract. 
  • They asked if I wanted to extend the contract, which would restore my internet access. I agreed, so that I could just finally have internet access. 
  • This did not work. I had no access (and still have no access) and tried many times to arrange for a technician to solve the issue. Nobody ever came from o2 to inspect the line. 
  • After speaking to support on Twitter many times, I realised this issue would not be fixed and I would still have no internet.
  • On June 19, I sent another written and signed letter asking for the contract to be cancelled.
  • I have so far received no response by letter from o2 to confirm the cancellation notice has been received. 
  • Since I had no written reply from o2, I signed up for another provider and requested they provider cancel my o2 contract/port my line to get me out of the o2 contract, so that I can have access with the other provider.
  • On two occasions, o2 BLOCKED the new provider from making this request for these two (same) reasons: "Laufender Auftrag (Umzug), bitte in KW 29 neu einreichen." and "LAUFENDER AUFTRAG (UMZUG), BITTE IN KW 31 NEU EINREICHEN.". You can see the different weeks that the new provider tried on my behalf.
  • This is false and the request should not have been denied as the moving activation was attempted, it failed, never worked and I've written TWICE to cancel.
  • From April until this day, o2 continue to charge me monthly. I have only received a refund for April and May. Other requests for refund for June, July (and now August), have been ignored.
  • I have had no internet access at my new apartment since I moved at the end of March. 
  • I feel that o2 is taking my money, ignoring my letters for cancellation, failing to provide a service and yet not allowing me to seek another provider. Basically, o2 is blocking me into their service with no chance to move on.
  • This summary doesn't even cover I've written multiple times to support on Twitter and wasted time, money and effort to solve the technical issues, then to chase updates about the cancellation and the block.

What I would like from o2:

  1. Simply cancel my contract with you. I have written a letter already, so you have my signature. Confirm this ASAP.
  2. The final date for should be July 31, at the latest.

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