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Hello, good day to everyone, i am in need for a help. I am moving in few days to another adresse alongside with my DSL, i have checked out the wiring of my TAE and cables for my apartment are properly connected, since it's hard to reach customer support in english i have to ask you guys here.

If all my wiring is properly conenected, do i need a technician or it should work as a plug and play? And do i need to activate router again at a differen adresse? I mjst mention that i am moving from Hesse to Bayern (in reality i am moving only 3km further).

Thank you for your time, best wishes 

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@VoodooPopeye did you receive any email from o2 for moving your DSL Connection to the other location? You get new landline number and normally new dsl username. And what hardware you use? An o2 Homebox?

I am using Fritzbox 7590, i have sent a request today regarding my moving to another adress and haven't recieved any reply so far, only that my request is being processed, tryed last week and i had got the same message. I have lived in 2 countries so far and moving was very simple, just connect the router, check the wires and finish, here i guess it's much more complicated


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@VoodooPopeye Ups. Move a DSL connection to another apartment will last 3-4 weeks. :confused:

Have you done this over the function „Umzug“ from mein o2 customer account?


Just finished chat in deutsch on whatsapp using google translate 😂 filled all the links i have been sent and they told me they submitted request for me


Btw that's such an ridiculous amount of time for a company this big, agents are very polite but waiting times are truly insane 

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@VoodooPopeye This is normal time here in Germany for switch a DSL Connection from one Apartment to another. 

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Hello @VoodooPopeye and welcome to our o2 community :-)

 I am glad to see you already recieved helpful tipps and support from @Joe Doe :-)

If you are moving from one address to a new one we recommend to announce this at least 4 weeks in advance so any open questions can be handled and the DSL connection will be available on the new address at the desired date.
We work together with the local provider that will connect your DSL, this will happen as soon as possible :-)




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