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Hi Everyone,

I have cancelled my O2 Contract in Berlin (for an internet line) and it will end on 29.10.2020 after 6 years. However, I have sent many emails to ask to have the service prolonged for another month (until 30.11.2020).  


However, I have not received any answer to my many emails and the person I have called at the German telephone number was extremely impolite and hang up the phone.


I find this service from O2 extremely unprofessional. Can anyone working at O2 come back to me and support as soon as possible?


Would like to avoid to send the call I had with your customer service to a German media outlet.


Thank you.

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Hello @Andy Berlin 32,


welcome to our o2 Community!


In order to cancel your deactivation we would need at least seven days. Unfortunately, this is a few days too late now and I regret that we will probably not be able to stop the deactivation.


I have sent you a private message for personal data. Do you have a mobile contract with us as well?


Kind regards,


Hi Giulia,


My telephone number is XXXXXXXXXXX.

I have sent you all info just now. 

I have been trying to connect with you for more than 7 days with no answer and your colleague at the phone was extremely impolite - the phone call is recorded. How can you help me now?



edit o2_Giulia: phone number deleted

Also, it seems that I replied to you with a public message. how can i delete the message above not to have my telephone number publicly published?

Hello @Andy Berlin 32,


your cancellation was postponed to end of November 2020 now :) You will receive a written confirmation within the next few days.


If you have any further questions, please let us know.


Kind regards,


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