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  • 15 Oktober 2020
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I made a contract for a new apartment in March. But, due to the job loss, I needed to move out from the apartment I rented to my boy friend’s apartment.


In July, I asked for a cancellation of the contract following the move.

My boy friend had an O2 contract at the moment when I wanted to cancel.

So, I sent all the documents to O2 for cancellation. Then I got a letter from them that since the contract will end soon, I cannot cancel the contract I have. Because my boyfriend already made another contract with Telekom 6 months ago to change the DSL provider.


In August,

I called O2 service center to ask about this and the officer told me that I need to send them the Telekom contract. Then, I can cancel the O2 contract without problem.


In September,

I sent all the documents again to O2. Then, they sent me a letter again that I cannot cancel my contract. They wrote that “wir bieten ihnen aber gerne die umstellung ihres vertrages auf ihre neue wohnadresse an.

beauftragen sie uns hierzu bitter bis spaetestens zum 16. oktober 2020, damit wir ihnen ihr produkt an ihrer neuen wohnadresse zur verfuegung stellen koennen.”


There is already a DSL service from Telekom in this apartment so that I cannot bring my O2 contract to this apartment.

And at the time I wanted to cancel the O2 contract, this apartment had O2 service.


Why cannot I cancel the contract? Please contact me via phone call.

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Hello @JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ and welcome to our o2 Community :-)

First of all I recommend to conact our DSL customer service by phone immediately, today and arrange the moving of the DSL connection to your new address. If you don’t do this, the complete amount for the rest of the contract duration will be billed in one invoice.

If there was already an o2 DSL contract at the address that you moved to, we are technically able to fulfill our contract. If you decide to deny us this possibility, we are forced to act as describe before.

In nearly every case it is possible to use two DSL connections in one flat, just because there is already an existing DSL connection is not a reason to cancel a conztract to an earlier date than the agreed contract duration.

I am sorry but canceling your DSL contract to an earlier date is also not possible here for us in our community :-/



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