Issue with my cancelled O2 DSL Contract

  • 4 Oktober 2018
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I had an O2 account XXXXXXXX which I transferred to another person on June 2017 way ahead of my 3 months contract renewal period. I did this in an O2 shop in Frankfurt. Since I moved from Frankfurt to Munich I couldnt take my connection with me since my apartment already had an internet connection.
I was assured by the O2 employee that everything has been taken care and asked me to send the rental agreement by post to the O2 office which I did. I also have the confirmation that the account was transferred at the O2 shop.
Fast forward 6 months, I receive an invocie with around 500 euros as cancellation charges which is ridiculous. Last month they deducted around 500 euros from my account. When I went to the O2 shop they said they cant help me and asked me to write a letter with all the documents to the O2 office in Hamburg which I did. Last week I received a mail that they cant speak english and they are not able to help me written in perfect English.

Come on 500 euros of my hard earned money has been robbed by O2 quoting technicality issues. Why did the O2 employee create a new account when it was a transfer? And the guy who using my connection did not receive a new router since it was a transfer and he is still using my modem. I can send all other documents which I have.

Please refund my 500 euros. I am still ready to pay the last 3 months of contract but 500 euros is too much.

Edit o2_Giulia: customer number deleted. Please don't post private data as this is a public forum.

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Hello moiz_ahamed,

I have sent you a private message.

Kind regards


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