Internet not working O2 Homebox 6641


My internet is not working since last two days. I see the 'Info' always blinks with green light. The 'WLAN' and DSL light blinks sometime and stays on for while. I already contacted to customer service for two days but no solution yet. What can I do to solve this problem quickly?

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only what you can do by yourself is to reset the box to factory settings (press the reset button > 10 seconds) and try to install the box new.

Is this not helpfull the only way is to contat the o2 technical support by phone 0800-5251378 (for free) but remember you must understand german because a automatic voice menu is ask you some questions. For this maybe take help from a german speaking friend.


Hi Jogi,

Thanks for the reply. Actually I tried calling them last day and somehow I contacted them. The support persons always speak German and they do not want to speak English. Is there any other way to contact them to get a earliest solution possible? 


in my opinion the want speak english but they cant´t or they got some instructions from the top that support only in german is possible. 

If you got luck a o2 Supporter @o2_DSL‌ see this thread and show you how and when you gen get a english technical support but i don´t know wich time a supporter is online.

So if you got no german speaking friend you must wait (hopefull) a few time.


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Hi @ashraful

can you tell us the prefix of your region? Do you know whether the agent set up an issue ticket, did you get a ticketnumber via SMS?

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