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Hi O2,

I would like to have an offer for home internet, i.e. DSL/5G/Kabel. My location/address is on my account. I don't know if I need 50 or 100 - I don't do anything internet intensive, except for work. I also don't need a router, since I prefer to get my own.



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If it is a new contract you can find the prices on the website. You can check the availability at your address before ordering.

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Hello @richard_degh,

I recommend to check the internet availability at your address, as @bs0 suggested. After you click onb the “i” you will find the possible maximum speed per technology.

If possible, I recommend a internet based on a DSL oder cable connection since it will prvide a very stable connection compared to a connection by mobile network. IF you also need a high uplad speed I recommend having a look at DSL connections since these have the highest available upload speeds.



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Thanks. I’ll make my decision this weekend.

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Hey @richard_degh, how does it look like? 

What was your connection of choice? And what router did you decide for? :-)



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@o2_Lars I went with My Home L - technician is coming in next week. I also got a personal Fritzbox 7530. I can’t wait because my mobile connection is so bad it’s unbelievable. I’ve written about this in another post. 

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@richard_degh  Thanks for the update. 

We keep our fingers crossed that everything will go as planned.

If you need help on DSL activation day don’t hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

Best Regards Matze


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Sure, will do. Thanks.

Kind regards 

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