Get superfast wifi, on the move

  • 29 August 2019
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Get superfast wifi, on the move
You search for an alternative option due to DSL in your home? Look what’s new in store. A wifi hotspot with three tariffs called o2 My Data Spot. We are sure you will find exactly what you need. Two of these tariffs get along with a contract period of 24 month and another one as a prepaid solution.
All in common is LTE up to 225 Mbit/s. You will get a mobile router and a SIM card to plug inside. Please be aware that there is no calling available, it is data usage only. Another restriction for you to know: The usage of the router is stick to your residential address and a second one you may choose. Always provided LTE is available. It is not allowed to take the device abroad.

Here is the offer 😀

How to decide for the right tariff? Let’s take a closer look.

O2 My Data Spot Unlimited:
If you use more than one device to get connected to wifi, watch TV via internet and download big files like f.e. games you will be fine with o2 My Data Spot Unlimited. It is an adequate alternative to DSL. If there is no VDSL available it might be a solution. You can use as many data as you need you won’t be throttled.
The charge for the device is 25 EUR once. If you are already a pay-monthly-customer of us you will also get a discount on the basic charge of 39,99 EUR/month. It is a two-years-contract.

O2 My Data Spot:
If you like to use the wifi router occasionally you are better off with the o2 My Data Spot. Maybe you just need it in your leisure time f.e. if you stay on a campsite or in your allotment. This tariff is limited to 100 GB.
The charge for the device is also 25 EUR once. If you are already a pay-monthly-customer of us you will also get a discount on the basic charge of 29,99 EUR/monthly. This is a 24 month contract.

O2 My Data Spot flex:
Infrequent user should think about the prepaid variant. If you just need an emergency solution f.e. you ordered DSL in your home and you want internet in the meantime. You have to work at home and it is completely necessary to be available but DSL has a default. Then you will be glad to fall back on this opportunity. There is no basic charge you pay as you go and don't have a contract running.
You have to pay the device 145 EUR once. Data volume is 10 GB by week. The charge is 9,99 EUR/weekly. If your are a pay-monthly customer of us you'll get 25 GB instead of 10.

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with us.

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