forms for cancelling contract due to leaving germany

Hello, I am leaving germany and need to cancel my O2 DSL and phone contracts. Can you please email me the forms that I need to fill for it? I will then mail my de-registration form and these, correct? thank you!


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Hello dussy,

for the DSL contract you do not need a special form. You can just write a cancellation, with saying you're moving abroad, and also hand in the deregistration paper of Germany, the dergistration paper of your new home or a confirmation of your new employer as well as a letter of agreement that o2 is allowed to charge 3 monthly basic fees.

Keep in mind that you also have to send back the router from o2.

The address for the cancellation letter is this:

Telefonica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG

Postfach 60 09 40

22209 Hamburg

For the mobile contract you need a special form and that you find attached to my answer here.

All further information you find in that, also the address and the needed documents.

Kind regards,

Jessica ☺️

Dear Jessica,

I do not understand why I need to pay 3 months of fees for my DSL and phone contracts? I am only cancelling as I have no option but to leave the country. I have seen other posts where people have cancelled  contracts when leaving Germany, with no additional fees, so I am a bit confused. 

Thank you



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Everyone has to pay the monthly basic fees.

No one is free of it. The reason is that o2 does not have to cancel a contract that has a normal runtime for 24 months because you move somewhere else. But the company does it as goodwill. And the 3 monthly basic fees is a replacement.

If you do not want that you can cancel your contract to the normal runtime end and pay until the end.

Kind regards,


Oh ok I understand the process now

thank you

Hi Jessica - I have a very similar query. I need to cancel my DSL contract becuase I am leaving Germany. I understand that I need to send the cancellation letter but do you have an example template of what I need from my employer? Which employer is this (the one in Germany or the one in the foreign country)?

Hi Jessica - I have a very similar query. I need to cancel my DSL contract because I am leaving Germany. I understand that I need to send the cancellation letter but do you have an example template of what I need from my employer? Which employer is this (the one in Germany or the one in the foreign country)?

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Hi wintertyres,

you need a registration paper of your new place of residence OR a confirmation of your new employer abroad.

Kind regards,

Jessi ☺️

Thanks Jessi

Appreciate that you are super busy with the millions of queries to cancelling a DSL contract but I'd really appreciate your help again pls 

1. A cancellation notice (as per the "Cancellation of my mobile phone number due to moving abroad.pdf") needs to be sent to Telefonica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG, Postfach 60 09 40, 22209 Hamburg. Please advise what the fax number is

2. Pls advise how and who I should send the O2 router to (i.e. the hardware)

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For a DSL cancellation you do not have to use the form for mobile contracts.

You can just write a cancellation letter, and hand in the needed documents as well. Also you have to remember to send back the router.

Fax number for canceling the DSL contract: 01805 – 880088.

Kind regards,


Hi Jessica, may I know about the Letter Format you attached, whereby it mentioned 

  • a notification of your new, foreign domicile

may I know if I'm moving back to my home country which is my own house, how do I provide this notification ??@o2_Jessica

thanks for you help !

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Hello wayneliew,

a notification would be something like a registration form of your city.

Or else it would be a confirmation of your new employer, or anything like that.

Kind regards,


Hi Jessica, 

I am Anuradha Kar and I got an O2 connection in 2015 which I no longer use because I left Germany in May 2015. My connection details are as below. I don't live in Germany and dont have a German bank account. I tried a lot to cancel my O2 connection but couldn't do it till now as the online procedure is not clear to me. I want to close this connection urgently so that I don't get further bills -can you please help me with this?

Any help will be very much appreciated.

Best regards,

Connection details:
Vertragsinhaber Axxxxxxx Kar
Kundennummer 60xxxxxx27
Tarif O2 Blue Basic
Rufnummer 49176xxxxxx19
Vertrag aktiv seit 20.07.2015


Edit o2_Jessica: Deleted the contact details. Data privacy.

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please keep in mind that this is a public community. Everyone can read what you're writing here, so please be a little bit more careful with your private data!

So, your contract started in July 2015.

Did you already send a normal cancellation? A normal cancellation to the runtime end would have had to reach the company 3 months before the runtime end. If you haven't done that you need to follow these instructions:

For cancelling a contract because of moving abroad you have to fill out this form: 

So, send that form to the mentioned address, plus the further needed documents, and they will care for your cancellation.

When you do not have a German bank account anymore, and o2 always tries to charge the money from the not existing bank account, you should change the bank details to credit transfer by yourself, so that you transfer the money.

Otherwise you'll get more and more expenses, and dunning letter. If none of these reach you, cause you already moved, you'll be handed over to debt collection of finance office.

Should we change those details?

Kind regards,



Hey Jassica,

Concerning the termination of a Handy Vertrag, I downloaded the pdf you attached earlier in this form and understood that I must also attach the Abmeldung from the Rathaus, but the other document which is a registration of my new address or my new employer abroad in my case maybe different as I will go back to my country to my home and no work contract at the moment 😀 . 

Thank in advance 

Hello! I also have this problem but in addition, I need to finish paying the cellphone plan (I got a phone alongside the contract.)

I was supposed to be in a Germany for three years, which is why i accepted the 24 months plan, but due a family emergency I am going back to my country in 10 days. How do I proceed to pay the rest of the phone (I have around 360€ to go) and the rest of the cancellation? 

Thank you

Hi Jessica.

I hope you can help me.

I made a contract for DSL S, in August 2013.

Now I want to move the contract, since I relocated in a new building.

They are telling me the there was no previous Mieter at that address, so I have to call Deutsche Telekom for Anmeldung (?)

Even if it was not my task,  I did it.

And they answered me it is not my issue, but O2 service that have to check with them (??).

As nobody cares (3 hours lost in calls to 800 and 809), I want to close my contract.

I remember I paid to have an option to close it 'whenever I want', when I opened it.

Ohne Vertragsbindung - 4 Wochen zum Monatsende kündbar

Is there any form for me?


I do not understand why the Staff NEVER told us we have to pay 3 months more before cancelling the contract. What my friend and I heard in the shop is we can simply go back and cancel the contract when we leave Germany. 

Hi Jessica, I have a similar query.  

I am doing a year of social service in Germany, and I am coming back my home town (China) because of the end of contract.  

I did not do any registration nor degregistration like other european do.  

and I have not yet find a job in China.

what should I do to hand in information to cancel my registration?



Hi Jessica, 

I am moving back to my home country which I live with my parent. 

and I have not yet found a job, I wish to too have one soon! 

So then, what should I do? 



A contract that has been concluded for a certain period of time can not be terminated in Germany. Is this different in your country?

The goodwill of the contract partner is asked for and this looks as follows at o2: 3 x payment of the monthly fee.

Why the employees in the shop have not said that, I can not answer ... maybe you (you and the employees) just misunderstood you.

In my home country, It's the sales/Company right to explain every detail of the contract to the customer, before allowing the customer to sign it. And if anything unclear and the customer is being frustrated, they have to right to cancel any new contract within 7 days. 

If people are not speaking the mother tongue of my land, they have the right to ask for Translation before any commitment of any contract. 

I wonder how many people know this 3-month probe period of cancellation before signing the contract? 

Probably not too many .... therefore I would be for it (that is my personal opinion!) In cases of non-permanent stays in Germany only prepaid to sell ... then the problem with the contract resolutions would not exist!

Hi Jessica, 

I am going to leave Germany by this week due to the end of my contract work here. Today I receive the Abmeldungbestatigung from Bergeramt already and the whole cancellation form would be faxed to your company by this week. 

I understand there'll be 3 months fee to be charged. However, I have an inquiry, that my bank account will be closed by this week soon. How could I be able to do the 3 months-fee? would the company charge the 3 months in 1 occasion or should one transfer the fee overseas via TT? (which I find a bit stupid to do so indeed). 

Thank for your reply in advance.