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Hi there, I'm close to my wit's end, so hopefully, someone here can solve my issue.

I signed up for a DSL connection for my new apartment more than a month ago. At that time, the waiting time for a technician from Telekom was around 2 weeks, which was expected. When I signed the contract, I indicated that'd I'd be using my own router, so nothing was provisioned from O2.

The technician came on the specified day (10th July), and he did his thing. It was then that I realised that my modem stopped working sometime between moving houses. I called up the helpline to order a HomeBox on the 12th of July. The agent was very helpful and told me I should expect to receive it by the end of the week.

Fast forward to the following Tuesday, and the HomeBox still wasn't here. I called the helpline again, the agent informed me that it had already been shipped by DHL and that I should be receiving a shipping confirmation email soon. 

I never got an email, so I called the helpline again on Friday. This time the agent said that the order hadn't even been placed because my DSL connection wasn't activated yet (even though this was 2 weeks after my activation date). I was transferred to another agent who said that she'd try to get it sent by this week, but she wasn't confident.

At this point, I just want to know why my DSL connection hasn't been activated yet, and when will the router arrive?

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Hello Yeowx,

I'm wondering what happened after you posted this? Did you solve the problem? Because I'm facing the same situation. I registered for DSL at home on 11.12.17 and I received an email confirming the technician visit on 02.01.18. The technician came and did his thing but I never received the router. Last Friday I waited on the phone almost 40 min. until the operator informed me that DHL tried to deliver my router on 27.12 but no one was at home (I didn't receive email or SMS regarding the shipment) and that they already resent it and I should receive the router Saturday or Monday which didn't happen. Today is Tuesday andI really don't know what to do. I know my line is active because I received a bill already for the last week of December. I'm very disappointed. 


So my problem is now solved. Yesterday I returned back home to find that my O2 router arrived by DHL when I wasn't home and luckily my neighbour picked it up for me. My original problem was how come customers are not notified by SMS or email when a package is on the way and include the tracking number in whatever notification is sent? I called the customer services and they couldn't provide me the tracking number, they said it's not visible for them but it appears on the system that I might receive it Saturday or Monday which didn't happen until Tuesday. 


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