Cancelled my account still getting billed


I requested a cancellation for my DSL a couple of months back. But I’m still getting billed. I can’t even log into my account to see the status. My account number is XXXX

I remember when I registered for the account, the contract was that I can cancel it within a month. I’m sure I’m getting billed for about 4-5 months now.

Can you help me please.




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Did o2 confirm your request?

Yes, I got an email confirming it.

The weird part is I can’t log into my previous DSL account. I have a phone connection and a DSL. The DSL I terminated and got a confirmation for termination. But I still get two invoices.

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A Mod will send you the invoices, so that you can check them.



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Hello @SatyajitRanjeev and welcome to our o2 community :-)

If you canceled your DSL contract you sould still be able to login to the online portal for roughly 90 days. You can just use the credentials that you selected as you registered your DSL contract. Please logout from the community first or use an inkognito tab to login.

If the contract is closed and you still recieve invoices it may be that you also recieved a router from us with the DSL contract. Since this router was given to you for the duration of the contract, it was ment to be sent beack to us after the contract ended, there is a one month period to send it back. 

If you do not send it back, the router will be billed for, maybe this explains the invoices?

When was it that your contract ended and what amount is the invoice that you recieve from us right now?



Hi @o2_Lars I can’t login using my previous credentials. It says 

Ihre Eingabe ist ungültig.

I’m getting charged 23Euros. Is this the cost for the rental of the router? That is a bit too much. I don’t think this is the case. 

The email I got from o2 about cancellation of the contract was on 30.05.2019. Here is a part of the message:

hiermit bestätigen wir die Kündigung Ihres DSL-Anschlusses zum 30.05.2019.Bevor es so weit ist, verabschieden wir uns und wünschen Ihnen alles Gute für die Zukunft. Vielen Dank, dass Sie uns Ihr Vertrauen geschenkt haben. 

Now can I talk to someone on the phone and solve this problem? I can’t even log in and I have been charged for a year now. 

@o2_Lars I have a mobile contract and the account number is XXXXXXXXX. I can log in and look at this bill. But I’m getting a bill for another account XXXXXXXX. This is something that I have no idea how to look at it. I can’t use my DSL credentials to see this bill. I don’t know how I’m getting charged. I got charged for a year. What is happening?




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Hello @SatyajitRanjeev,


the invoice for your former dsl contract includes not a debit but a -23,94 EUR credit. Normally it would have been deducted from your next invoice. As your contract has ended however, the same amount is always repeated in every invoice.


I will have the 23,94 EUR transferred to your bank account within the next two weeks. This will also stop the monthly email notifications.


I hope I have solved your issue. Feel free to contact us again if you have any further questions.


Kind regards,


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