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refund sent to old Fidor bank

I paid for flights with Aer Lingus 2 years ago and now they've decided to refund me. Problem is that I used my O2 fidor card. Aer lingus say they can only refund to original account/card. Fidor say not their problem. Its €380 so not an option just to let it go, any ideas?

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Hello @Johnthomson520,

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I am sorry but I don’t see how we can help you in this case. Since your account has already been closed for a longer time, it must be possible to transfer your refund to another account.

I am afraid but you have to clarify that with Aer Lingus.

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No, if that was possible, that's what I would have done Julia, why do you think I ask? They have already refunded it to the card so telling me to contact aer lingus is just a waste of time and avoiding responsibility. 

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No, it is not. The refund is owed to you by aer lingus so aer lingus need to find a way of getting it to you. The argument it can only be refunded to the original payment card is one many companies use because it is convenient for them. They can of course refund it to any account. If they refunded it already to a non-existent card then the refund will not have been successful, so aer lingus still have the money. How is this in any way Fidor's or Telefonica's responsibility?

Is this a refund you are entitled to or a gesture of good will by the airline? If the former then you need to apply some pressure, if the latter it might be a bit more difficult.

Hello @Johnthomson520,

unfortunately we cannot do anything about a payment from another company to an already closed account at Fidor Bank. I agree with @bs0 that you need to contact Aer Lingus directly in this case and that you must clearly state your request for the amount to be transferred to another account.

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