DSL not working, technician does not show up for appointment

  • 15 August 2019
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Hi, we have had our DSL installed in late July, everything was working fine but last week, the router failed to connect. We have tried everything with the routerthe hotline suggested without any success so we got an appointment with a technician on the next Monday. I was waiting at home (taking time off work), the technician did not show up.
Rescheduled for next day for the same time period. When I arrrived home at 13:55, I already had a notice in the mailbox that I was not at home at 14:05 (so clearly lying).
Another reschedule - technician did not show up.
And another one today - technician did not show up.

We had to take 4 half days off our work, additionally, we are still paying for the internet that we do not recieve.

I do not understand why O2 does not care about its customers, it is the worst customer service I have experienced in any country.

What kind of a solution can you offer to our problem?

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On Friday, nobody showed up. Our ticket was closed without the case being solved.

This is in a pretty big contrast to the time prior to switching on a contract when we got constant messages how o2 is so happy to have us as their customers.

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